• Image of Large drip mug
  • Image of Large drip mug
  • Image of Large drip mug
  • Image of Large drip mug

These large ceramic mugs have been slowly hand built using the coiling technique and are perfect for those of you who love a big brew!

Made from a stoneware body, each mug is completely unique in decoration, both through the pattern generated from the natural flecks in the clay itself, and through the hand-painted flow of the glaze drips.

Each piece has been high fired to 1250˚C.

Approx. 12cm diameter at the opening.
Approx. 6cm diameter at the base.
Approx. 9.5cm high.
Approx. 435ml capacity.

Only lead free and food safe glazes have been used. Not tested for compatibility with microwaves or dishwashers and so not recommended to be used in either. Please hand wash only.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a listing for a single item. Each and every piece is slowly hand crafted and so your item will vary from the image shown. That's the beauty in handmade and owning a piece truly unique and original to you and you alone.

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