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Pinched by hand, these ceramic spoons are perfect for using with sugar, herbs and spices or for stirring your morning cuppa!

Made from a lightly coarse grey stoneware body, each spoon is glazed in the centre with the rest of the spoon left unglazed making them gorgeously tactile to touch.

High fired to 1250˚C.

Approx. 13cm total length.

Only lead free and food safe glazes have been used. Not tested for compatibility with microwaves or dishwashers and so not recommended to be used in either. Please hand wash only.

CAUTION: As the body of these spoons are left unglazed, using them with highly pigmented foods and spices is not recommended (such as turmeric) as it will more than likely permanently stain the spoons.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a listing for a single item. Each and every piece is slowly hand crafted and so your item will vary from the image shown. That's the beauty in handmade and owning a piece truly unique and original to you and you alone.

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